Rain Working

In case you haven't noticed, it's been raining. Storming, even. A lot. Which is great! We in CAYA Coven have been calling the rain this wet season (or at least, it should be the wet season in California). Join us!

From Sunsmith:

This is a modification used by Subbic (to call in snow):


Get your mind blank

Call in your own or ask friendly powers.

Softly Chant:

"Bring the rain. Gentle Rain.

Bring the rain. Stronger Rain."

Look at EACH Power, say or sing: "I called you to do some work. I ask you to do the rain working, gentle to soak, then enough to make a difference without damage."

More strongly chant:

"Bring the rain. Gentle Rain.

Bring the rain. Stronger Rain."

Look at each Power, say or sing: "Now I command you! It is time for you to work. My patience is ending. MAKE THE RAIN."

Stare enough to get their attention. Then softly say or sing: "Now I can have a talk with you....please make it rain. Make it rain in ways that are not hurting other places. You can do this, without effort. So do it nicely, we are good to each other, I and my people need this now. So just do it. Here is my grateful thanks for making things right."


The "only easy thing" is to be able to make contact with one's various Deities. Of COURSE you know how to do that, because you have proven that you are not stupid (or so she would say).


She had the hard attitude to the Deities that she worked with. And it worked for her.

The outline is:

Say and/or sing the need

Get the Deity attention

Say and or sing the need

Get the Deity to pay attention

Say and.or sing the need.

Make sure that this won't cause trouble elsewhere

Say and/or sing the need

Push, tease, coddle, be nice to, put YOUR relationship with the Deities' into "working with me" mode

Say and/or sing the need.


Very important, laugh and give thanks so you can do this a lot.

There are many ways to change the "language." The point is to make contact with YOUR God/esses. After all, really, you have given them the honor of choosing them!