Blog Roundup for October 19th-25th

Hello friends! Welcome to this week's Blog Roundup. The Clergy of CAYA Coven are out there blogging about all manner of amazing things and we want to make sure you have the opportunity to read them all. In service to you, our wonderful community, we've gathered up these links.

Trans Body Blessing Melissa shares a body blessing for trans folks, who often struggle with body dysphoria.

Celebrate the Dark Moon Molly reminds and invites all male-identified people to participate in the Fathers of Change working.

Now Serving: Pagan Pancakes Jaina writes of her experience offering a space for pagans on Lopez to gather together and reflects on lessons learned.

Choose to Remember Raven offers deep insights into how the choices that we make, particularly around change, shape us.

Gratitude Interview Melissa interviews Ladybug on gratitude and how it effects her life.

Five Spiritual Practices Raven writes about 5 spiritual practices, called Yamas, and how to apply them to ourselves before extending outward to the world.