Adonai Dagaz Greywolf

Adonai Dagaz Greywolf, Vfc.,
High Priest of Mystery and Transformation
Member of the Council of Elders

2009 Priest in the Wildflower Tradition
2010 High Priest in the GreenMen Tradition
2012 High Priest in the Wildflower Tradition

Dedicated Deities:
Odin, Nyx, Hekate, and Volos


Greywolf is the High Priest of Mystery and Transformation. He chose this title to honor the great mysteries that life reveals to us in the proper time, usually the times when we need it the most. And also the change and transformation that each of us goes through one those deep internal secrets are understood and internalized. As the holder of this title, he makes it his mission to help others to explore their own mysteries and bring about their own powerful transformations from within that reveal to each of us our own unique power and sovereign divine nature.

Greywolf has always been a "seeker on the path" - even when he was not quite sure what it was he was seeking, or that there was an actual path to follow. He always had a deep interest in the supernatural and the unknown, with a deep feeling that the world was actually a lot larger than everyone around him thought. From an early age he would save up his nickels and dimes to secretly buy little paperback books on ESP, astrology and magic, even buying his first Tarot deck while in the 5th grade and trying to give readings in the school lunchroom.

Many years were spent as the "odd kid" and the outsider - always knowing that somehow he was meant for more in this world and that there was something important he was supposed to share. He never stopped looking or learning, even when he was not aware of it. When he did start actively pursuing a Pagan Spirituality, he was led to the first meeting of what was to become CAYA Coven's Brotherhood of the Moon, a group for which he later acted as priest coordinator. He is also proud to be one of the Founders of the GreenMen, a men’s mysteries tradition within CAYA Coven, and a founding member of the Fathers of Change movement.

Greywolf has lived with ghosts, heard the secret whispers of trees and the gentle singing of stones - he has also felt the harsh words of rejection, the deep pangs of the loss of so many of his tribe, and listened to the whispers of solitude, but found the deep inner strength to overcome these things and many other obstacles to his survival. He considers his biggest work in this world to help others find their own personal strengths, to connect to their own inner divine source and to accept, trust and nurture their own innate magic.

May I be grounded and focused on the tasks set ahead of me this day
Both the Magical and the Mundane
May me feet be firmly planted on the Earth

Solid in strength and in foundation
May my heart and mind be reaching for the stars
For new and expanding dreams, goals and aspirations

May my arms be long enough to reach them
May my hands be strong enough to hold them tight and bring them into manifestation
May I awaken to the man and priest that I am meant to be

You can find him in his daily work as a “professional retail witch” at The Sacred Well, a metaphysical store located in Oakland, Ca where he helps to Make Magic Happen Every Day.


My code of Ethics as written many years back - still valid today:

I will tread lightly on this Earth - neither stomping my feet nor stomping my will where it does not belong.

Look to the Light in all things - it is almost always there. If it is not, BE the light.

Remember that we are not Human having a Divine experience, we are the Divine having a Human experience. Know that sometimes the Human will get in the way, respect that it will happen and let the Divine come back in.

The rain will fall - let it.

To Know
    Speak the Truth if you expect to hear Truth
    Be open to Trust
    Show Respect to all

To Will
    If something needs done - do it.
    take responsibility for failure as well as victory

To Dare
    Do no harm
    Share my knowledge and skills with others

To Keep Silent
    keep confidences confident
    listen without judgement
    Share what needs to be shared


Favorite Books:

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak
Cassell’s Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol and Spirit by Randy Conner, David Sparks and Mariya Sparks
Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic by Catherine Yronwode
The Enchanted Candle by Lady Rhea with Eve Lefay
The Path of the Green Man by Michael Thomas Ford

Favorite Websites
The Sacred Well

Adonai Dagaz Greywolf